1: Iulia Matei & Awa Cisse


Collaboration between artists: Iulia Matei and Awa Cisse

Iulia Matei is a photographer and videographer based in Paris and originally from Transylvania, Romania. She started her career a few years back after having worked in the digital field. Her focus is bringing more diversity in the visual industry by photographing women and men from different backgrounds, while getting inspired by the endless beauty of nature. 

Awa Cisse is a young 30 years old lady that lived in Paris since 10 years ago. Currently working in the Human Resources, specialised in hiring and career monitoring. Fan of vintage, she loves looking for old french brands and rare clothes. She participated in the launch of the project, Larazzia Paris, a vintage brand with clothes, accessories and furnitures.

Art direction, Maria Bernad.

Featured brands:

AHUG , The Chartreuse Women , Laoise Carey , Laura Rikman , Les Fleurs , Remie Studio.