3: Pablo Escudero & LFS


Collaboration between Les Fleurs Studio and Pablo Escudero in Alicante.
Pablo Escudero is a Spanish photographer form a small town in Huesca, currently living in Barcelona. He started his career 8 years ago driven by his passion for the Parkour scene in the UK; and later as his personal journal documenting the afternoons with his friends.
He describes his work as authentic, truthful, and credible. He tries to evoke the essence of his town in his work.
The collaboration between each other in the coast of Spain, Alicante. The photoshoot wants to reflect the essence of this area promoting as always the values of diversity and styled by Maria Bernad with only upcycling brans from Les Fleurs Studio platform.
Photography Pablo Escudero
Styling María Bernad
Models Claudia Ramos, Lena Wong and JP Bernabeu Avomo
Production Carlos Canicio
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