4. Iggy & Tessa for LFS


Collaboration between Tessa & Iggy for Les Fleurs Studio.
Iggy is french fashion visual / multidisciplinary artist based in PARIS. She’s 25 years old and right now she’s doing her masters in image at Institut Français de la Mode.
Tessa Rose, a South African multidisciplinary artist based in Paris. She’s 25 years old and she’s also doing her masters in Image / Art Direction at Institute Français de la Mode.
Both they decided to do creative project with Les Fleurs Studio.
Iggy and Tessa / Tessa and Iggy
– a creative duo that is about friendship and exploration as well as documentation of time and play.
‘We met a few months ago and what has been 4 months of friendship, has felt like 10 years of knowing each other.’
‘Coming from different backgrounds, with personal visual identities we want to find a common ground where our interests meet and give a window glance of this to the rest of the world. This is the beginning of a very special project, and we are really happy to have done it with Les Fleurs.  At the end of the day, we just want to be our pure most authentic selves and for this to shine through in our work.’
What was your initial intention with this project?

The initial intention of this project was to create a metaphor for getting dressed and undressing. That every time we put on a piece of clothing a memory is made on top of it. This is also linked to the idea of upcycling that something is being built on top of another thing that existed independently. We wanted to speak about these themes in the video. As well as speak about daily life and the conversations we have during these fleeting moments. Yesterday felt like 3 years ago.

What’s was your inspiration behind?

The inspiration came from friendship and documentation / freezing life and a moment within this friendship. As well as fleeting memories that enter and leave more quickly than we wish, this takes form in conversation and just the general happiness of existing alongside each other.

What’s the meaning of sustainability in fashion for you? How do you feel about upcycling methods?

Sustainability is the future and needs to be taken more seriously as a big part of the present. We feel upcycling is the way forward in terms of fashion in the sense that everything should be repurposed and has the ability to take new forms especially in fashion.


Video and pictures shot by: @im___iggy and @tessaroserose
Music for the video was created by: @itslittlevoice @freefreedomdom