Donning a well-known vintage style, María Bernad, designer and creative director, founded Les Fleurs Studio in mid-2017, a vintage shop created on the east coast of Spain that offers clothes, decoration and art pieces showcasing her personal aesthetic as a creative.

With a focus on the sustainable side of vintage fashion, Les Fleurs Studio was born as an aesthetic reference portrayed by pieces, mainly found in the south of France.

The brand was conceived in a very organic way, as Maria has always been passionate about fashion. It is perceptible that she is also an art enthusiast, interest which she successfully fuses into her designs, taking the inspiration from paintings, sculpture and even architecture.

Acknowledging her main influence comes from the 17th and 18th century.

The firm is likewise in constant alliance with nature as its name denotes. The sea and its shells have taken a central role on one of the latest collections, later becoming an identifiable code of the brand.

The collections reflect this mindset by offering unique pieces conceived and inspired by vintage materials, buttons or ornaments, constantly looking for the elegance characteristic to Les Fleurs Studio. Silk, satin and organza are the creative director’s favorites, not only for its touch to the body but also for its natural beauty at first sight.