By Liv Handmade

Garments stitched with love, by Liv. Romantic, feminine and poetic, Liv’s garments are a labour of love. Based in Brooklyn, she sources textiles from antique dealers in upstate New York, salvaging bed linens, drapes, handkerchiefs and dollies deemed unusable due to minor imperfections. Favouring the spontaneous over the predetermined, Liv uses her library of salvaged materials as a starting point for each collection, pulling out the fabrics that lure her eye and cutting freehand patterns, bringing her creations to life using recycled threads. Working in this way makes each piece unique in the truest sense, each garment is an irreplaceable moment of creative ingenuity.

For Liv, sustainability is more than strictly using pre-existing materials and making each piece by hand; it’s about creating a personal connection with suppliers, returning to the same dealers to source materials time after time to learn the heritage of the linens and hear the stories of the grandmothers that first created them. Sustainability is a lifestyle, and is as much about people as product; without the people, there is no product. Liv recultivates the lost connection between maker and wearer, a relationship that has fallen victim to modern consumerism.