Chiarissima is a non-seasonal sustainable Italian label of small leather goods and accessories, created in 2020 and based in Milan. Chiarissima is the founder’s nickname (aka Chiara De Nigris), which means perfectly obvious, and it perfectly describes the brand universe.

Inspired by real people, Chiarissima aims to be a storyteller of ideas, embracing a contemporary and ironic way to express the society through the borsette.

By emphasizing the link between actual individuals and the products, the brand wants to highlight the importance of inclusivity and uniqueness. Everyone is more than welcome in the Chiarissima Community, no matter his or her size, age, gender, or belief.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

Sustainability is the core value of the brand, and giving a second chance to what already exists is a priority, not a choice for us. Locally designed and handmade in Milan, each item is designed, prototyped, and assembled in Italy. Every product is made with upcycling of leather from the best Italian leather companies; that’s why each item is considered a one-of-a-kind creation for our consumers.

Charissima Takeaway follows a slow-fashion approach to fully control the quality of the items and help slow down the fashion industry by encouraging less waste and a more conscious way of purchasing.