A quintessential Mila Sullivan piece possesses flair, femininity, and a means to escape into a romanticized fantasy, where eclecticism knows no bounds. As the namesake label suggests, Mila is her brand, each collection is a reflection of her considered creative sensibilities; like a page ripped from her sketchbook or a painting that transcends pen and paper.

Dissatisfied and seeking more creative freedom, Sullivan left her design role at a New York fashion house and bought a secondhand dress form off of Craigslist, where she began to construct garments sourced from from her favourite vintage stores in LA and NY. Using unlikely salvaged textiles as a starting point, she decontructs her materials before piecing patterns together and rebuilding into individually unique styles through layering, collage and experimentation. Every piece is handmade by Mila in her Downtown Los Angeles studio before reaching you, the wearer.

First and foremost, Mila is an artist using clothes as her preferred medium, she gives new life to that which already exists. Mila designs objects to be worn and loved; garments to experience life in, that are imbued with experiences of the past.