Much like the mythical creature reserved for Greek Mythology, Patty Mañá’s NIMPH is nature personified. The NIMPH creature is someone whose taste is built on sustainable ideals, collaborative practises, underground culture, and emerging design.
Born as the sartorial scale tips towards clean minimalism, NIMPH offers an escape into the fantastical. Patty follows the principals of researcher Marjanne Helvert, who embraces imperfection, using irregularities to tell stories about the life that the garment once had; this is translated into their designs through irregular proportions, exposed seams and the unexpected use of materials.
NIMPH gives a second life to waste fabrics and secondhand clothing, transforming the old and forgotten into objects of desire. Textiles are salvaged from the wardrobe’s of friends and family as well as second hand markets, charity shops, and textile factories close to NIMPH’s native Barcelona. Every piece is concepted, designed and produced by Patty herself.
Based on diversity and inclusivity, NIMPH seeks to create a safe space that encompasses everything Patty looks for in other brands, ‘sustainability for me is mindfulness. It is trying your best to integrate sustainability in as many parts of your life as possible; adopting practices that lead towards more conscious, sustainable and socially-just systems. Sustainability is not only about the earth and materials, sustainability is also about people’s rights.’