NIMPH (from English nymph and Spanish ninfa) is a collaborative project created by Patty Mañá in her exhaustive search to unleash and materialize her creativity and impulses, while continuing to meet what the fashion industry demands today.

It was born in a complicated social scenario in which the market asks for responsibility, sustainability, austerity and timelessness, but it refuses to put fantasy aside.
NIMPH gives a second life to waste fabrics and secondhand clothing. It aims to transform the old and forgotten into unique garments and objects of desire, framed within the “Dirty Design”, concept developed by Mari- janne Van Helvert.

Materials and fabrics are carefully selected from markets, secondhand shops, and even friends’ closets, to lately mix and match through deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction processes, giving rise to a collection of unique and fresh pieces.

The NIMPH creature is someone who lives outside the Hetero-normative world and distances himself from what mass media and trends dictate. This creature is an individual whose taste is built on the ideals of sustainability, collaborative practices, underground culture and emerging design.