Pijmak is an exquisite project, based on redesign of vintage tailoring. They use upcycling as a tool to achieve bespoke garments and provide new vision of how a suit may look.

Pijmak is 360° sustainable:
Design. They provide long lasting design ideas of how to wear a suit.

Slow consumption. They count on their clients in terms of counsciousness and provide wardrobe consulting.

Ethical production. Upcycling of already made garments is our one and only way of production.

Low stock. They don’t have tons of ready garments, they don’t do sales.

Respect to labour. They pay reasonable wages to their tailors.

Their quality is exceptional. Their goal is to inspire people to buy less clothes, but of better quality.

The word PIJMAK – is a fantasy of Russian country language. When the word jacket (in russian – “PIDJAK”) came to rural places, natives couldn’t pronounce it well enough and they changed this word their way. It was funny and at the same time very warming.