Founded by Olga Nemushkova and Ksenia Yaryoma upon a desire to work solely with pre-existing materials in light of the textile waste crisis, PIJMAK reimagines vintage tailoring into thoughtfully constructed garments. With a background in made-to-measure tailoring, designer Ksenia uses her expertise to breathe new life into vintage suiting; disrupting classic silhouettes using traditional techniques, with a sustained focus on exceptional quality.

PIJMAK respect sustainability as a way of life, their motto ‘buy only the garments that you fall in love with’ lays at the core of their philosophy. Each capsule is deeply considered, from sourcing deadstock materials locally within Russia, to the reconstruction of garments into unique designs. Like a coveted secret, PIJMAK has grown organically and is surrounded by a loyal community of wearers who value their three hundred and sixty degree approach to fashion; much more than a brand, Olga and Ksenia offer wardrobe consultation to help implement their sustainability principals.

When the Russian word for jacket ‘pidjak’ spread to the rural countryside, locals were unable to pronounce it, and instead reimagined the term as ‘pijmak’; Olga and Ksenia decided upon this name as an ode to their heritage. Investing in PIJMAK is investing in tradition, innovation, and a more circular future for fashion.

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