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Respect Mother Earth

Our founding premise, respect for the earth lays at the very core of our platform. We seek to reclaim the term sustainability, and repatriate its true meaning. Our collaborators create solely using pre-existing textiles, and commit to non-aggressive production processes. We don’t produce, we reuse.


We have honest conversations with our community to demystify the narrative behind each garment, sharing information about sourcing and production processes; offering our platform to designers to tell their unique stories. We appreciate there are always improvements to be made, sustainability is a journey; Les Fleurs Studio is a platform for collaboration, promoting the exchange of ideas, so that we can grow together.

Ethical and Creative Growth

Creativity thrives in the face of challenge. We want to replace excess with creativity, and cultivate a new sense of luxury, illustrating how sustainability and fashion can coexist. Les Fleurs Studio is a meeting place where brands and consumers can establish relationships, share ideas and promote meaningful growth.