Manipura jacket

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Manipura Jacket:


This jacket represents the sun and peace. The vintage jackets that compose it lived their lives – full of ups and downs just like a roller coaster – until they ended up in our hands. We, at A HUG, rescued them and saw that they were sisters separated at birth. We brought them back together and together they regained their light and strength and with it the self-confidence they had lost in recent years. Their third chakra was recomposed with the union and with it all the qualities of the solar plexus chakra – also called manipura chakra-. We renamed them and from two sister jackets a Manipura Jacket was born, full of energy and peace for whoever wears it. It is actually an energy booster and radiates to whoever wears it. 

This garment is unique and incomparable and now it can be yours.

36 size.


Ref.: AH016


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